Why Am I Not Feeling The Feels For S R Nathan?


By: B Goode


A former President dies and as a Singaporean I am supposed to feel something. Right?

I tried to feel sad. I tried to be bereaved. I tried to grief. I tried to experience a sense of loss. But I am finding it hard to do all of that. I simply don’t have the feels.

I only have apathy.

Not wanting to be callous, I read on S R Nathan’s achievement and life story. I perused all the interviews given by people who knew him. I watched the live feeds of his funeral. 20,000 people paid their last respect including some luminaries the world over. He must have been a great man. Right?

Still, I don’t feel the feels.

I felt like he was just the neighbour whom I didn’t know whose funeral wake I passed by at the void-deck. I felt nothing. Just a slight curiosity to know who he was.

Am I a bad person?

Or am I just cold-hearted?

Nah. Because when my mom died, I bawled my eyes out. I felt sad when LKY died. I had the feels when Mandela died. And when Mother Theresa met her creator, I momentarily found God. For about 5 minutes.

And then it dawned upon me as to why the feels I was supposed to feel when S R Nathan died eluded me.

Unlike my mom who as far as I am concerned was Wonderwoman, or the other luminaries I mentioned, S R Nathan was just a normal man.

This is not to take the achievement away from him. Or to belittle the adoration and respect that he deserved.

This is due to the fact that throughout his life, he wanted to be just the normal guy. The normal son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and Uncle to all. The guy who smiled and said hello to everyone and who would dish out advice if you asked. You know, that smiling Uncle in the coffeeshop.

He wanted to be the silent worker. The quiet achiever along the corridors of power. He was never a glory-seeker and never dreamt to be in the spot-light.

Having been brought up in a generation that unless someone was on a golden chariot pulled by a herd of elephants with a full escort of a marching band and neon banners declaring his achievement, S R Nathan looked normal to me.

He was like Clerk Kent to his alter-ego Superman. Had Superman died, everyone including me would have felt the feels. But because he died as Clerk Kent, some people like me just didn’t feel it.

Quietly I wished that, that was how he wanted some people to feel. Nothing. Normal.

So now I am happy. My apathy towards S R Nathan’s passing was just a normal feeling towards someone who wanted to be normal.

So rest in peace Clerk Kent. We actually already knew your secret alter-ego.

You are S R Nathan.

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To Kill Or Not To Cull? That Is The Bacon


By: B Goode


So wild boars are running amok in some parts of Singapore; dashing across roads causing danger to motorists and there was even news of attacks on passers-by.

And what are the authorities doing about this menace? They are still thinking….

In the words of Clint Eastwood:

It’s a very confusing era that we’re in.

I must be one of the few people in Singapore who still thinks that if an animal poses a threat to human lives, kill it! And if it is edible, might as well eat it.

Mother nature demands balance. The reason why wild boars are coming out of the nature reserves is because of over-population. Whatever little patches of forest that we have are no longer enough to support the burgeoning numbers.

In the past, there were tigers and leopards to control the wild boars population. Then came the human hunters. Now, hunting is prohibited in the nature reserves and so the wild boars threw a party, had an orgy and they were even confident enough to form conga lines across our roads and expressways.

I got all that from the Discovery Channel so it must be true.

Before someone gets killed, it is time that the wild boars are culled. Culling does not mean extermination but simply us humans acting as the predators to keep their numbers in check.

And culling is an accepted act in many other countries because in those countries their animal lovers truly understand what it means to love animals. They understand that culling is good for the health and well-being of the animals because a disrupted and devastated environment due to over-population will pose greater risk to the animals themselves and humans.

But here in Singapore, the animal lovers’ concept of animal-loving is to just leave them alone. This is not only irresponsible but downright implausible.

My suggestion is to bring back culling in the form of licensed hunting. Licenses are issued for the hunting of a pre-determined numbers of animals. It is a win win situation.

The government gets some money which they like, the hunters get some thrill and bushmeat, and most importantly the environment gets the balance that they are in desperate need of.

And I can safely walk along the roads without having to worry that an angry boar will come charging at me out of nowhere.

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Amos Yee : The Forgotten Footnote

amos yee

By: B Goode

Is anyone interested to know about Amos Yee?


Guessed as much. Continue reading

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Racism, Racialism And A Preference For Chicken


By: B Goode

Let’s start off with a joke (thanks Jenny!) that is so bad it is actually good. And it ties in nicely with this article.

During the NDR, PM Lee had actually wanted to announce Tharman as his successor. But just before he did that, he saw an image flashing in front of him.

This: Continue reading

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Debate On The Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill : The Workers’ Party Getai Show


By: B Goode

This month is the month when hungry ghosts roam the earth looking for food and some entertainment. Yesterday in Parliament, they had some from the Workers’ party (WP). I don’t know about the food, but there was certainly a lot of drama dished out by the WP’s wayang troupe. Continue reading

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Hero Worshipping And National Service



By: B Goode

All superheroes have their own humanly backstories. Batman and his murdered parents, Superman and his destroyed planet, Spiderman and his puppy love, Wonderwoman and her lack of manlove.

Joseph Schooling and his hormones: Continue reading

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Joseph Isaac Schooling The Olympic Champion!


By: B Goode

I ran out of goosebumps that I might need to run to Tekka market to look for some geese.

Joseph Isaac Schooling has just won Singapore’s first ever Olympic Gold Medal!!!!

Dafuq!!!! Continue reading

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$7.2B Bus Contracting Model : Why Wasn’t Parliament Approval Sought?


By: B Goode

The government has just announced a $7.2B deal for the two bus operators to…..run buses.

The agreement involves 11 bus packages with estimated total contract fees of S$5.322 billion for SBS Transit and S$1.865 billion for SMRT Buses.

First of all, let’s get the amount into perspective.

Yahoo, a company with a huge global brand recognition was sold for less than that amount. And the operating infrastructure for SMRT’s NSEW MRT lines was bought by the government for $1B.

So $7.2B is a freaking huge sum of money. And it was approved off-budget, meaning the expenditure was not tabled in Parliament as part of this year’s budget.

For that kind of money and for something as seemingly complicated and absurd as paying existing bus operators to operate buses, the government should have tabled a motion in Parliament for debate.

Of course we can argue that getting Parliamentary approval will be a meaningless exercise since the PAP government is in the majority but that is beside the point.

The point being; the government could then explain more in-depth and provide more clarity about the plan, rather than just issuing of a short statement which left people scratching their heads.

I for one would like to see the following questions being answered by the government:

  • How did the magic number $7.2B derived?
  • What is the money for? Since the government has already stated that there will not be any transfer of assets, what is the money for?
  • If the money is to ensure better performance by the bus operators, it is akin to saying that we should pay the Ministers more to get them to perform better. Oh wait!
  • If it is the cost of buying back existing contracts that were signed by the government many years ago with the two bus operators, could we then say that the $7.2B is the price that the government pay for its mistake?
  • Can the government assure us that this new bust contracting model will not be another mistake?
  • And finally, how will this money be disbursed?

Parliament is there for a purpose. It doesn’t matter if the elected members thought of themselves as mere estate managers. One of its purposes is to get the executive branch to explain things like this.

It is therefore incumbent for the government to show good faith in tabling a motion in parliament to get its approval for extra-budgetary spending.

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Peak Singapore


By: B Goode

It was Singapore’s 51st birthday but what should have been a day of celebration, like many of us, I had nothing to do.

So as with tradition, I had wanted to write something nice about my country but I stumbled upon the dreaded writer’s block. It wasn’t because of the lack of nice things to write about. Platitudes were aplenty. But I found myself repeating what others had written and ended up being Captain Obvious. Continue reading

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Thank You Indonesia!


By: B Goode

There are many reasons for us to be thankful for having Indonesia as a friendly neighbour.

Housemaids, cheap and reliable food source, supply of natural gas, 9 months of fresh air (hehe), billions of tourist dollars, billions more stashed in our banks, military training facilities, keroncong, dangdut, trade and the list could go on and on. Continue reading

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Three Best Eating Places That May Cause SPCA A Heart Attack


By: B Goode

The Singapore Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have advised the public not to buy the rabbit fur key-chains because…wait for it….wait for it….wait for it….they are made from real rabbit fur. Duh! Continue reading

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NUS Orientation Camps : Freedom Unleashed!


By: B Goode

For a lot of Singapore students, the path to University is paved by hardwork, homework, tuition, tuition, tuition, anal parents, discipline, brand’s essence of chicken, chaperoned outings, dance classes, piano lessons, latchkeys and repressed emotions.

It is like living in a gulag. Continue reading

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War On Terror : But ISD’s Social Media Presence Is Weak


By: B Goode

It is inevitable, isn’t it?

It is only a matter of time before Singapore is hit by a terror act. It is not about Singapore being bombed because let’s be honest; it would not be easy to smuggle in explosives into Singapore considering the chronic jam at the Causeway and Tuaslink which would turn off even hardened terrorists. Continue reading

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NUS Running Scared : All Orientation Camps Cancelled


By: B Goode

In the aftermath of the sex-themed parties masquerading as orientation camps fiasco, the National University Of Sexually Starved Students Singapore (NUS) have decided to cancel all orientation activities.

This is like the old saying: Burning the bed after you discovered your husband was having sex with the maid on it. Continue reading

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Singapore Pools Making Life Difficult For Poor Old Folks To Claim Their Prizes


By: B Goode

NB: Ok maybe the title is a little bit misleading but if you can’t check whether your ticket has got the winning numbers or not….

So I was queueing up for toto this afternoon because the prize had snowballed to more than $4 million. Unlike someone who could depend on donations from some obscure Arab sheikhs to become a billionaire, I had to depend on winning the lottery to become a mere millionaire. And I am no longer young or else I could sell my bac…..nevermind. Continue reading

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Anti-Intellectualism : The Celebration Of Stupidity


By: B Goode

After reading some of the alternative news sites such as the now defunct TRS and KNN, and their replacement, ASS, along with others such as TOC, TI-SG, WUS and a few more, you could not help but feel your intellect dropping a few notches. Continue reading

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AGO Report : What’s Next? Nothing It Seems



By: B Goode


It is very refreshing to read a damning audit report that doesn’t involve the AHTC or the WP.

No doubt the AGO audit didn’t include the AHTC but still it went to show that if you nit-picked and scrutinized something deep enough, there were bound to be lapses.

But the important question would be: What’s next? Continue reading

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Pokemon : Go Or No Go?


By: B Goode

A new silliness is sweeping the planet where people are going around collecting virtual Japanese cartoon characters that look like over-sized bacteria and with names that I am sure in some obscure languages are considered obscene.

Like Pukimakkau. Continue reading

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Michelin Guide, Olympics Broadcast : Complaints Galore!


By: B Goode

Singaporeans are the complaint kings of the world. Everybody knows that. Which is a good thing because according to a study made by a group of professors from the NUS, complaining is a good way to de-stress.

UPDATE: The NUS study has been made null and void because the group of professors have been found to have faked their thesis, and their degrees.

Joke aside, Continue reading

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SG-KL HSR : Doing Business With A Corrupt Despot



By: B Goode

He has been called the biggest thief in modern history. Via his investment vehicle 1MDB, billions of dollars have gone missing, laundered through a series of shady dealings that have caused international banks to be investigated. The FBI are now suing 1MDB calling it a personal bank used by corrupt officials for their own gains. Continue reading

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