A $155000 Cake


A cake can only be truly appreciated by eating it. Before then, we can only look at it longingly and yearning for the time when we can consume it. And that’s the thing about a cake. We cannot do anything else with it. We can’t wear it. We can’t ride it. We can’t adorn our house with it. We can only eat to enjoy it.

The CPF Minimum Sum is just like a cake. It is a retirement plan and we can only enjoy its benefits when we retire. There is no other way. We can’t buy a car with it. We can’t use it for that dream holiday we have been yearning for. We can only ache for the things that we can do with the sum. But we can’t do anything else with it because it’s a cake.

Unfortunately some of us fail to see it this way.

We see it as our money and we should be able to use it whenever and however we want. And it is this delicious anticipation that is causing some of us to go up in arms against the government with the irrational accusation that the reason why the government is withholding the money is because either the CPF lacks funds or it has been misappropriated. When we are so filled with desire, we become anxious, impatient and lose focus.

However, generally it is the younger ones who are against this scheme. Perhaps because for them retirement is still far ahead of them. But there are not many complaints from those whose cake is within their grasp and especially those who have tasted the cake.

Those who are in need of medical attention for example, appreciate the sum that they have been `forced’ to put aside. They appreciate and are relieved that they could use the CPF minimum sum to offset a huge chunk of their medical expenses. They no longer dream about using the savings for something else. For some, maybe they hoped that the minimum sum had been more.

So for those who complain about the CPF minimum sum, be patient. The time will come when you will savour the cake, your cake, and realise that it is all worth waiting for.



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