He Is Sorry He Lied

After a few ponderous days of suspense, pretence and mostly false bravado, Roy Ngerng finally admitted that he lied. Read against his blog articles, his admission sounded like a loud thud coming from a man falling from his high horse. His articles, mostly written with an authoritative spin with colourful graphs, tables and pie charts, will now be seen as nothing more than written creations embellished with false assumptions and littered with half-truths.

It is sad to see what started out as a decent blogger with rational views on issues ended up this way. And some of the blame will have to be placed on his supporters who goaded him along as his confidence and conviction grew and clouded his judgement. They emboldened him to be more and more provocative and led him to play up to the gallery. What his supporters failed to do was to check and question his logic, arguments and facts. Instead they continued to encourage him even when the noose of a libel suit was placed around his neck.

Hopefully this episode will not leave him a broken man. He is still young. One thing that he must learn from this affair is that most of his blog followers and supporters have the advantage of anonymity which he does not have. It is difficult to discern the motives of those who lurk in the dark. They have made him to be the face of dissention against the government and now watch as he falls.

Hopefully he will pick himself up and continue to blog reasonably and constructively. In the meantime, he will now have to grovel and ask for goodwill from the man whom he called a thief.



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