PM Lee vs Roy Ngerng

An offer of S$5000 was proposed to PM Lee in compensation for damages caused when Roy Ngerng published a blogpost implying that PM Lee was a thief. PM Lee has rejected the offer because he felt that the offer was derisory and completely disregards the gravity of Mr Ngerng’s conduct. Mr Ngerng chose to publish the blogposts in a sensational manner to raise his public profile and to gain support, despite knowing that it was a false allegation made against PM Lee.

In spite of the allegations, PM Lee had wanted to forgo aggravated damages that he was entitled to, provided Mr Ngerng removed the 4 blog posts and a YouTube video. Instead, Mr Ngerng made the YouTube video private and also sent out two emails to inform addressees of where they could continue to read the posts.

To date, PM Lee has commenced proceedings on a defamation suit against Mr Ngerng. Mr Ngerng’s lawyer M. Ravi’s defense is that although Mr Ngerng had promised not to aggravate the injury and distress caused to PM Lee, this should not be misunderstood as a curtailment of Mr Ngerng’s right to his freedom of expression to write or engage the public on the CPF issue and raise any matters relating to CPF that requires transparency and accessibility to the public.

Mr Ngerng has also submitted his application to be a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP). Do we really want an NMP who makes up stories to prove his point? Someone who fight senselessly, claiming to be speaking on behalf of the average Singaporeans. From his claims about the CPF issue, it is evident that he does not have the depth of understanding of the system. To be a successful leader, let us first learn how to look at things in a positive light, to be appreciative of the things around us. A good leader invokes positive feelings in his people and not provoke to increase negativity. A sensible leader plans for the future and not just for what is in front of him. Retirement and medical sums can be daunting if a person is not financially prepared. Is Mr Ngerng matured, knowledgeable and sensible enough to be an NMP?



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