Don’t Take Security For Granted

A bomb exploded in a crowded shopping centre in Nigeria’s capital Abuja, leaving 21 persons dead and 17 persons injured. A senior government spokesman confirmed that the blast was the result of “a bomb attack”.

A suicide bombing and shelling killed at least 9 people south of Baghdad as
Iraq struggles to stem a major militant offensive. Attacks at Mahmudiyah also wounded at least 20 people.

A suicide bomber killed 4 people and wounded 16 people in the Iraq city of Kirkuk when he detonated the device after police stopped him as he tried to enter a crowded market in a mostly Kurdish neighbourhood.

A security officer was killed when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near a Lebanese army checkpoint in the capital, Beirut. The blast, which caused a huge fire, occurred in a southern suburb mainly inhabited by Shia Muslims.

This week, China executed 13 people for “terrorist attacks” in Xinjiang and ordered the death penalty for three others for a car crash last October in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the symbolic heart of the Chinese state.

Singapore may be blessed with stability and good relations with its neighbours, but the Little India riot and the occasional security challenges in Asia and Asean indicate underlying fault lines, even in our own neighbourhood. Singapore is a small country, and a level of measured paranoia is healthy.

Counter-terrorism in Singapore is a series of measures implemented in Singapore to detect and prevent terrorism, and to minimise damage from such terrorist acts should they occur. These measures involve all levels of society, including defence, internal security, border and infrastructure security, civil defence, medical readiness, and psychological preparedness. Singapore also participates actively in international counterterrorism efforts.


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