An Exhibition Of Hot Air Balloons At Hong Lim Park

A group of hot air balloon enthusiasts will once again gather at Hong Lim Park in another attempt to lift a perceived monstrosity off Singaporeans’ backs, the CPF. They will attempt to achieve this by collectively exhaling hot air into an empty vessel with the hope that it will float and brings with it all the miseries and unjust that the CPF seems to entail. Renowned specialists in hot-air generation will be invited to speak to demonstrate the techniques of producing the most amount of hot air with the least effort. It will be like generating methane from a pile of decomposing rubbish. It stinks.

We are of course talking about the `Return Our CPF Part 2’ protest. Having failed to garner any traction as a result of their first protest, they are now taking a different approach. It is now no longer about returning the CPF, but about transparency because they want the government to be opened about where our CPF monies go to. But why are they clamouring for transparency unless they think that somehow or rather, the monies have been misappropriated? If they think so, then they should say it. Oh wait, they can’t because they do not have any evidence and therefore are afraid that Aunty Sue will be knocking at their doors.

Fact of the matter is that most Singaporeans do not want their CPF to be returned. They have benefitted from the CPF in terms of housing, healthcare, education and retirement plans and see the `Return Our CPF’ movement as petty and childish. And they do not want to know the details as to how the monies are being invested. They trust that the government will safe-keep their savings as much as they trust that the banks will safe-keep their personal savings. Do they want to know how the banks generate interest for them? No.

So the second protest will be just like the first. It is not about fighting for the interest of Singaporeans at large. But for the interest of a select few, and considering that most of the speakers will be opposition party members, it will be on condemning the government for the sake of condemning. There will be plenty of anti-government tantrums, calls for the government to be voted out, old and tiresome political jargons. In short there will be a lot of hot-air.

But the important question will be ultimately left out. If not CPF, what?


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