Is Singapore turning into a public toilet for PRCs?

A well-dressed PRC mother and her estimated 6 to 8 years old son were seen walking along Orchard Road. They stopped right outside one of the shopping malls and the son started to relieve himself right by the sidewalk. Were there no clean public toilets that were accessible situated right inside the shopping malls?

Days later, another PRC lady had her picture posted on the internet, showing her relieving herself at an MRT station. She was neither detained, fined nor warned. The person who posted the picture was chided for not telling the PRC lady off.
Shortly after, another group of PRC ladies had allowed their toddler to defecate in the MRT train. A few Singaporeans have stepped forward to speak up for their HOME, only to be told off by the more aggressive PRCs. Kudos to these Singaporeans who had the moral courage to step out and speak up for their HOME.

On the other hand, is our SMRT staff doing their duty conscientiously? They had readily fined our fellow Singaporean for popping a sweet into his mouth yet doing nothing to these PRCs who had dirtied our otherwise clean environment. Surely, we know that it is wrong to eat in the train. Let’s, however, ponder on this interesting scenario. A group of PRCs allowing their toddler to defecate in the train, causing a Singaporean to feel nauseated from the stench of the fasces, thus popping a sweet into his mouth. Who would or should be taken to task?

If SMRT staff had rendered support to these Singaporeans by taking those PRCs to task, it would have encouraged more Singaporeans to help protect our nation, our home. It would be a pity that fewer Singaporeans would dare to speak up for our country because they are not getting the necessary support from the relevant authorities.


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