We Demand Transparency!

The group of self-serving, delusional and anti-establishment organisers of the Return Our CPF movement, or best known for the moniker Loony Fringe, was at it again recently. Apart from the usual diatribes against the government and increasingly against Singaporeans at large, they were again calling for the government to be more transparent.

The thing about transparency is that it works both ways. You cannot ask for a party to be transparent without you yourself being transparent. You need to walk the talk.

So are they themselves being transparent? If they truly are, then these are the questions that must be answered:

  1. Why did Han Hui Hui, the main organiser for the protest, left Malaysia to be a citizen of Singapore?
  2. What is her agenda in organising the protest seeing that she has little or no CPF contributions to her name considering that she has not been gainfully employed for very long?
  3. How much donations/contributions have she received from well-wishers and sympathizers thus far?
  4. What is the spending breakdown for all the monies that she received from the donations/contributions?
  5. How much from that monies did she use for personal expenses?

These questions must be answered and made public so as to prevent any allegations that disgruntled Singaporeans are being made used off for the profit and benefit of the organisers.

We wait with bated breath.


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