Ten Fabricated Reasons Why PAP Will Win The Next GE

The following article was published in The Real Singapore. It is about ten reasons why the PAP will win the next General Elections. We will rebut the reasons point by point (in bold) just to show that everybody could make a list if they wanted to.


Many TRS readers predict that PAP will be voted out soon when PM Lee calls for General Elections next year. They reckon that hot button issues such as low, stagnating wages, high cost of HDB flats, immigration, healthcare and CPF will push swing voters into voting for opposition.

During the last GE 2011, many people have shunned the PAP rallies while they thronged opposition party rallies to seek alternative solutions from WP, SPP, RP, SDP and NSP. But yet, low turnout at PAP rallies and high turnout at opposition rallies do not translate into votes for opposition.

As many TRS readers may not really know the ground level well (because many of them are just keyboard warriors), below are some reasons why native, local, born and bred Singaporeans may still vote for PAP.  This, together with new citizens, may be the deciding factors why PAP may still win by a landslide in GE2015.

And if after reading this and feel strongly about this, please do volunteer and sign up with a political party and walk the ground and convince more swing voters to join forces with you.

1) My Vote Can Still Be Traced Through Serial Numbers

You will be surprised that many Singaporeans are still wary of this and may stand to lose out in applying for Govt jobs, kenna sacked from their Govt jobs or not enjoy first priority balloting for their children or HDB flats.

As a result, they will still vote for the incumbent due to fear and threats from PAP.

TSB – How do you explain the WP winning the Aljuneid GRC and Hougang and Nee Soon single seat constituencies? You mean to say people living in these constituencies have more balls than the rest?

2) I See my PAP MP often at festive occasions and on void deck banners and don’t have the heart to vote against him/her.

Possibly because the PAP MPs gives out freebies regularly to the needy and voters may think he/she is a good person who looks after residents well.

Voters who belong to this category are not aware with the PAP MP’s track record in Parliament.

TSB – If this was true, than obviously PAP had a strategy that worked! Why didn’t the opposition parties follw the same strategy then?

3) PAP Seems to Be Listening Better and More Responsive So I Choose to Give Them an Endorsement

Voters who think along this line may have forgotten the GE2001 elections in which PAP received an overwhelming 70% of high mandate. After that, PAP chose to increase GST, increase utility bills even when SARS took place and many people were suffering.

TSB – You forgot to mention all the good things that have happened. Selective memory much? What about the GST rebates? What about the fact that the government managed to pull Singapore out of a severe recession? What about all the incentives that the government had given out in order to make Singaporeans more productive and employable?

4) I Don’t Trust Opposition Enough to Vote for Them

Voters who don’t trust opposition players are usually people who read SPH or Mediacorp news or remember Dr Chee Soon Juan screaming at Goh Chok Tong in 2001. or getting sued by PAP means you are automatically the bad guys.

TSB – Who do you want us to trust? Roy Ngerng who has confessed that he lied? Han Hui Hui who left Malaysia to become a Singapore citizen and then cursed for LKY to die? Chee Soon Juan? Who…errr…where is he now? We rest our case.

5) I Only Vote for WP and PAP.

Perhaps WP is the victim of its own success but WP is concentrating its resources in the East.

Voters are wary of RP, SDP and NSP may choose to vote for PAP simply because they are not familiar with other opposition candidates or they feel that the quality is not good enough as compared to PAP

TSB – So whose fault if voters are not familiar with other opposition parties other than WP?

6) I Want Estate Upgrading So I Choose PAP

Some voters may want better facilities such as lifts at overhead bridges or solar panels at the HDB blocks or pneumatic waste systems because their PAP MPs promise that these facilities will mean a reduction of their town council fees or improve their property value.

TSB – Again please explain how WP managed to win the constituencies that they won if Singaporeans would vote for the PAP because they wanted estate upgrading?

7) I Am A Civil Servant So I Will Support PAP

Civil servants are defenders of the status quo. They have no problems meeting the Minimum Sum, no competition from foreigners and have guaranteed 13th month bonus and recently, PM Lee announced a pay increase for them.  They may curse at crowded trains or congested shopping malls but then again, they do not feel the full impact of PAP’s policies as much as those in private sector.

TSB – Are you a civil servant? Have you conducted a survey to know civil servants’ voting pattern? Or are you just making an assumption? You know what people say about the word `assume’ am I right?

8) My PAP MP Looks Like a Good Guy.

People are judgemental and judge politicians based on first impression and image.

Many have likened Dr Chee Soon Juan’s smile as an evil grin hiding something while Lily Neo looks like a motherly figure whom I will vote for.

Let’s admit that image and style over substance will persuade voters to vote for PAP.

TSB – Nicole Seah is very pretty. Did she get voted in? And please don’t tell us that you find Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong, Teo Chee Hean, Tharman et al attractive and good-looking!

9) I Only Have One Vote and Don’t Want to Spoil My Vote

Voters treasure their votes and want to vote for PAP as they feel their quality of opposition candidates are not good enough for them.

TSB – This is the only sensible point put up by you and we totally agree!

10) I Received my Pioneer Generation Package So Will Vote for PAP

These voters are easily bribed with the lure of money and will vote for PAP to return their favour.

TSB – You are insulting the intelligence of out Pioneer generation. Where were you forty, fifty years ago when the pioneer generation was young? They can compare and contrast the living standards and conditions then with the present and if ever they voted for the PAP, it was because of the progress that the PAP has brought to this country.


TRS Contributor

TSB – Stop making any more lists. You are not good at it.

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