Candlelight Vigil For A Malingering Liar – What An Insult

The group of delusional and self-entitled anti-Singapore brigade that protest anything under the sun as long as it is anti-government is now planning to stage the mother of all shameless acts – a candlelight vigil for Roy Ngerng, a self-confessed liar who was sacked from his job for malingering.

Candlelight vigils are sacrosanct acts. They are performed either to remember an event of great importance such as the 9-11 and the MH370 incidents, or to pray for the well-being of great leaders and personalities such as Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.

To have a candlelight vigil for someone who is a nobody is really to trivialise the true meaning of that act. Who is Roy Ngerng? What sacrifice has he made? How many people has he saved? How many wars have he fought in? He is just a blogger who cut and pasted public data to make a papermache of untruths just to fit his sole agenda of being anti-government. After all, he has admitted that he lied about the PM. And just recently he posted an article stating that 28% of Singaporeans are living under the poverty line. Why? Because for some inexplicable reason, he draws the poverty line to be those earning less than $3000. Seriously?

So this is the type of person that his sympathizers and anti-Singapore brigade want to have a candlelight vigil for; a village idiot who refuses to have any meaningful job and who lives on the donations and contributions of people who want to see him trying to embarrass the government.

If stupidity has a face, it is Roy Ngerng.


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