PAP is akin to Hitler? Really?

The article first appeared in, an organisation that is supposed to help unemployed Singaporeans but has turned to be a cesspool of anti-government and increasingly anti-Singapore bias. An example is this article. To equate PAP with Hitler’s policies is really to demean and insult the 6 million Jews that had lost their lives during the holocaust and simply showed the general lack of knowledge from someone whose aim is to help downtrodden Singaporeans.

We shall debunk this article point by point (in bold).


Ten eerily-similar PAP-like Hitler practices:-

  1. Nazi Party members were especially happy – they got all the best houses, preferential treatment, good jobs in the government and power over other people.

Singapore – civil servants have year-end bonuses plus solid performance bonuses and they are so out of touch with the sufferings on the ground.

TSB – In short, following this `logic’, Civil Servants must be miserable, under-privileged, underpaid and depressed. How do you expect to attract people to serve in the civil service? And one more thing, what sufferings are you talking about?

  1. Nazi economic policies gave full employment (work programmes/ Strength through Joy), prosperity and financial security – many observers stated that there seemed to be no poverty in Germany.

Zero employment in Singapore anyone and everyone is happy working here according to PAP-censured polls. Senior citizens are also happy working here till they die…

TSB – This simply doesn’t make sense. In point 1 above, you said that the people are suffering. Here you said there is full employment and everyone is happy. Furthermore, which government in the world that doesn’t want to provide full employment and happiness to the people? So you are saying that in order to not become the Nazi, the government must make the people miserable?

  1. Frequent ceremonies, rallies, colour and excitement. Nazi propaganda gave people hope.

Singapore – PA organises many community get-together events and next year is the 50-year celebration bonanza which will be used to maximise a good-feel before  the next general election will be called.

TSB – Every country in the world celebrates their Independence Day. So every country in the world is nazi?

  1. Wages fell, and strikers could be shot – the Nazis worked closely with the businessmen to make sure that the workforce were as controlled as possible.


Singapore  – we have stagnanted wages for the past decade and the tripartite movement ensures that the government works closely with the employers to control the workforce. Strike is illegal here and we knew the latest striking PRC bus captains were jailed or repatriated. With mastery control of the workforce, PAP ensures that there is minimal labour unrest which could topple any government if it is well-utilised by the opposition.

TSB – So you want frequent strikes and for companies to leave Singapore thus causing unemployment so more people can cry to you for help and make you feel important? Ok got it!

  1. Loss of personal freedoms (eg freedom of speech).

Singapore – no freedom of speech and dissidents are either warned or sued.

TSB – Have you been sued for your anti-government articles? Have you been told to close your organisation and this website? We rest our case.

  1. All culture had to be German – eg music had to be Beethoven or Wagner or German folk songs – or Nazi – eg all actors had to be members of the Nazi party/ only books by approved authors could be read.

Singapore – we see this abeit in a limited format though imported literature is still the norm here as many books on subversion or anti-PAP if they are ever written are banned here.

TSB – Last we checked, Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious country. There are actors/actresses/artists of various creed. And can you name us one anti-PAP book that is banned?

  1. The Nazi’s used ‘fear and horror’ against anyone who disapproved of their regime. Hitler banned all Trade Unions on 2 May 1933. Their offices were closed, their money confiscated, and their leaders put in prison.

Singapore – the only official trade union available now is NTUC and we know how useless they are. Many unionists were also jailed in the 1960s  during the LKY era and right now, workers have nowhere to seek independent assistance when there is any work dispute except to the Ministry of Manpower which can be bias to the employers.

TSB – NTUC is useless? Over the years they have supported wage increases and represented workers’ rights something we are sure you are too biased to see. The fact that there are no strikes means that NTUC is doing something right. And the Unionists who were jailed in the 1960s were communists. Are you a communist?

  1. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels made effective use of film, mass rallies, and Hitler’s hypnotising oratory to control public opinion. The government controlled artistic expression, promoting specific art forms and discouraging or banning others.

Singapore – the government’s control over the mass media here is legendary but the mushrooming alternative social media has somewhat check that propaganda tool and it is no wonder the PAP wants to curtail the internet through legislation. Films that portray the opposition is also banned or curtailed for public viewing here and books written by strongman LKY is routinely publicised on the mainstream media.

TSB – Another contradictory point. First you said that the government control of the mass media is legendary. Then you said that the alternative social media is mushrooming. If the PAP is like the Nazi, there will be no social media to speak of.

  1. All civilian organisations, including agricultural groups, volunteer organisations, and sports clubs, had their leadership replaced with Nazi sympathisers or party members. By June 1933, virtually the only organisations not in the control of the NSDAP were the army and the churches.

Singapore – the same thing happens here as the government has a hand in almost every aspect of our business life. Many people have termed our country Singapore Inc and it is so apt with the government being the primary business owner of countless GLCs and other companies through it’s sovereign investment arm GIC and Temasek Holdings.

TSB – the GICs and Temasek Holdinsg ARE the government arm. So you want these bodies to be handed over to the private sector? To who? You?

  1. Influenced by the Völkisch movement, the regime was against cultural modernism and supported the development of an extensive military at the expense of intellectualism. Creativity and art were stifled, except where they could serve as propaganda media. The party used symbols such as the Blood Flag and rituals such as the Nazi party rallies to foster unity and bolster the regime’s popularity.

Singapore – we see how the government uses sterile-learning  education and the 2-year mandatory national service to control the population and until now there is little room for free expression and creativity. PAP also uses the national day celebration event to stir up patriotic sentiments loyal to the government only.

TSB – To all students all over the world, education is always sterile. And the National Service is there not to control the population but to protect the country. Have you been to the National Service? We think you have. So do you feel controlled? We guess you don’t or you will not be spewing such anti-Singapore garbage.

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TSB – One advice to you at Transitioning. Remember your aim and objective.

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