Opposition Parties’ Silence On Hecklegate

It has been 2 weeks since hecklegate. Almost everyone who is able to read would have known about it from the extensive coverage in the media, both old and new. Almost everyone has something to say. Whilst the perpetrators and their supporters were made busy looking for a lost scapegoat, and having their fingers twisted for pointing at the wrong imaginary culprits and voices made sore from barking up the wrong tree, others showed their disdain at the despicable act of bullying special needs children.

But let us step aside from the noises for a moment and try to listen to the silence. Hear it? The sound of silence from a group of people whose very existence and definition is to precisely be vocal about things like hecklegate. We are of course talking about the Opposition Parties.

Why the silence? Yes there have been uncomfortable mumblings from a few Opposition Party members but there has been no official statement from them. Nothing. Zilch. And this is from a group who by extension, wants to form the government and they have nothing to say about an incident that has rattled the society. We can postulate a few reasons for this reticence.

Firstly, they might not be aware of the incident. After all managing a Town Council can be time consuming, and for others, trying to find fault with the government can make them lose focus on what is really the issue of the day. Perhaps to them, the case of the PRC who tried to swindle a widower off her wealth is more important than the heckling of defenceless children. Perhaps multi-tasking is never their forte.

Secondly, perhaps they need more time to come out with a statement especially a statement that will try to milk the situation to their advantage. The problem is that, it is not a cow they are milking. But an aardvark. We heard that aadvark’s milk is fishy and no matter how hard you milk, it will still be fishy. Or perhaps, their spin doctors are on vacation.

But the most probable reason is that they do not want to alienate their support base. Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui et al are their support base simply because if you don’t like the PAP, then obviously your next choice will be the Opposition Parties. In an election, every vote counts, even votes from scumbags, bullies and the disfranchised. And they do the dirty work for them. While they (Opposition Parties) sit comfortably and act all high and mighty and pretend to be morally upright, they have goondus and unemployed no-gooders to whip out the ground with their anti-PAP tirade. It doesn’t matter the manner. The ends justify the means.

So we are interested to know the views of the Opposition Parties on hecklegate. It is not so much to understand their thought process, but to know what kind of government, indeed a society that they intend to build should they be in the government.


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