Ariffin Sha – The Proverbial Frog In A Well

If you want to be a socio-political commentator, you must be well-read, knowledgeable and have a good analytical mind. If you don’t, you will sound incoherent and be downright stupid, like Arifin Sha.

Ariffin is or was, depending on whether one wants to believe a known fabricator of lies, the admin of an FB page, Wake Up Singapore.

All of his posts are nothing but spins, twists, mental gymnastics, illogical conjectures and laborious connections of dots that lead to one and only one thing; the government is bad. Even if the dots are clearly an outline of an elephant, he will somehow or rather picture them as something sinister. Take for example the installation of CCTV cameras in HDB void-decks and carparks. Instead of seeing them as tools against crime, he sees them as proof of Singapore being a police state.  Never mind the fact that the Boston Marathon Bombing was solved largely due to CCTV cameras, or that the streets of London are lined with CCTV cameras.

Or his assertion that the government is a Nazi because MDA decided to tighten the rules on local media space such youtube. Never mind the fact that when Nazi was around, there was no internet to speak of. But more importantly, when you start to mislabel things, you close the door to constructive discussion.

And that is why Ariffin is the proverbial frog in a well. His worldview is as narrow as the well he lives in. Living in the confines of a constricted, dinghy and damp space will do strange things to your mind. You will hallucinate and see menacing shadows around you. You become paranoid. Your body and mind will be corrupted by the sustenance that feeds you; flies. But it is strange that in this age of the internet where information can be gathered with just one click of the button, Ariffin fails to allow his mind to wander and wonder. Perhaps he is afraid to hop out of his comfort zone to face the big wide world of reality out there. Perhaps he is simply incapable of climbing the wall of intellect that separates his damp domain with the outside realm we call `life’. Or perhaps he has been feeding on flies for so long that he is just full of what the flies ate.

After being called up by the Police for his involvement in hecklegate, Arifin now says that he will stop his activities, whatever those are, apparently at the insistence of his parents. Kudos to them. And he also says that he will stop being the admin of Wake Up Singapore but will allow anonymous moderators to continue managing the FB page. Seriously, how difficult is it to manage an FB page? Certainly it is not as complicated as screwing a lightbulb where you’ll need one Ariffin to hold the bulb, and 99 anonymous people to rotate the house, is it?  Does he really want us to believe that he will just step aside? Chances are, he will change his name to anonymous.

Sincerely, we hope he will take this time out imposed by his parents to go out, kick a ball, watch a movie, enjoy all the amenities that past generations have built, fall in love and experience what life has to offer.  And hopefully he will get the wisdom and wherewithal to contribute constructively to society and help make Singapore a better place.

But first, he needs to grow up.


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