Firing Blancs In Singapore

So the pick-up artist (we chuckled) Julien Blanc will be denied entry into Singapore to conduct any seminars on how to erm… seduce women into submission. If you need to attend a seminar on how to tackle women, then there is something wrong with you. Women are not difficult, that is until they are married to you (joking! May be not). But that doesn’t mean that they are cheap or easy. A few are. They are as cheap as twenty dollars but we digress. And we are not going to judge. Bottom line is; if women are difficult to woo, you will not have 7 billion people on this planet.

Let’s get something straight. Julien Blanc is not your ordinary relationship guru. He is a sexist, abusive, racist and sadistic egomaniac. And if you needed a tip on how to seduce women from Julien Blanc, then you were better off not having any relationship at all.

So to Julien Blanc we say; good riddance. We don’t need your tips, thank you. Singaporean men know what our women want. Never say they are fat. Ever! Always say how beautiful they are even when they have this thick blue goo on their face that they call facial mask. Pretend to listen when you are talked to. Help around the house but not so much that she might think that you think that she is useless and think that you are thoughtless and concludes that you really are because she thinks that you know what she’s thinking. Okay we think we don’t really know what our women want, but at least we know what they don’t need. A manpig. Go google it.

And here’s a pro tip for men out there.

No means no! And in case you were wondering, only the women got to say no.


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