How Smart Is Too Smart?

So the government has announced a new initiative called Smartnation. Unfortunately we are not smart enough to get the details but we are smart-assed enough to say that the government should be smart enough to at least point us a link where we could get the details. Doesn’t matter now because this is precisely what the initiative hopes to achieve; to make us smarter.

But seriously, the initiative is a nationwide project to use available technology to make our lives easier, so to speak. Imagine doing everything with just a smartphone; paying bills, ordering food, checking on the weather and traffic, virtual classrooms and access to government data et cetera. Of course such technologies are already available and people are already using them. But with smartnation, hopefully all these applications can be more seamless. And most importantly, more people can use it regardless of age. And that is why smartnation is not only about the software, but the hardware too.

But when smartnation was first announced, immediately our mind were led to the story about a hacking incident of a web-cam provider that caused strangers to be able to view from the cameras installed in homes, without the owners knowing it. The ultimate voyeurs fantasy comes to life.

And this is our main fear about smartnation. Will the technology be so inter-linked that there will be a single-point-of-failure in the system whereby with just one hack, our private and confidential data can be accessed and exposed? And consequently, will there be a single-point-of-entry where someone, the government for example, can access our private data? With a powerful data-mining tool, and access to the integrated system, someone could virtually do a complete profile on us; our travelling habits, spending habits, surfing habits and even our sexual habits.

Call us paranoid but remember George Orwell book, 1984? Just look at where we are now.


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