Jennifer Lawrence Thinks You Are Gullible And Stupid

Singapore’s very own Jennifer Lawrence (not!), the crowd (mostly uncles so we are not surprised) favourite and pleaser, one of the two feminine faces of Singapore disobedience movement, a new citizen of Singapore, Han Hui Hui thinks that you are all idiots. Come to think of it, she does have something in common with the hunger games. She is perpetually hungry….for attention.

She was caught plagiarising. You can read more about the details from the excellent blog Anyhowhantam.

There are various types of plagiarism. The commonest is to lift a paragraph or two from an article written by someone else and claim it to be your own. Then there is the type where you plagiarise a whole thesis and submit it to a scientific journal for some recognition. And then there is the type that is most despicable and downright unethical; impersonating as the original writer.

Jenn….err Han Hui Hui, in her latest attention-seeking act, plagiarises an article by Joshua Wong, the Hong Kong student protest leader. Never mind the fact that she might have ran out of ideas on how to solicit sympathy from his supporters to obtain more donations. Or the fact that she is not articulate, save to shout `Return Our CPF’ at the top of her voice. Or even the possibility that she may have a crush on Joshua Wong.

But what is contemptible is the fact that she took an article that describes a person’s experience and life history and took them as her own. The article is not fictitious. It is not imagined by Joshua. Neither did he apply any creative license to it. It is his own experience, plain and simple.

So by making the article as hers, Han Hui Hui is not only a cheat, but a contemptuous one at that. An impostor. And what does that make of her supporters? A group of gullible idiots who will lap up whatever anti-government thrash that she feeds them.


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