Strive towards a more gracious SG50!

Singapore Traffic Police has recently launched an initiative to encourage motorists to practice good driving habits like signaling early and giving way to other road users by rewarding petrol vouchers and a plush toy. This aims to encourage drivers to be more considerate and patient.

In our society where people are more generous with complaints and criticisms and stingy with compliments, initiative like this could kick-start a change in the mindset of Singaporeans to learn to be more gracious and tolerant. This could also change our stereotype towards the Traffic Police as a department that only issue summons and take photographs of speeding vehicles on overhead bridges and at blind spots.

However, some might think that the rewards for good behavior are trivial but they are small steps towards bringing a greater change. We should reward and reinforce good behaviour rather than emphasise on punishing bad behaviour. There is no new policy, program and initiative that will please and be well-received by everybody. All we need is to be more open minded and to focus on the benefits instead of being critical about everything around us. This way, we will be working towards a more gracious and fine society. A great change for SG50.


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