Professional Protestor Roy Ngerng Ordered To Pay $29,000 In Legal Fees


SINGAPORE – Professional protestor and convicted liar Roy Ngerng has been ordered by the High Court to pay Prime Minister Lee $29,000 in legal fees for court proceedings that deemed he had defamed Mr Lee. This amount does not include the damages to be awarded, which will be assessed by the High Court at a later date.

Roy Ngerng came to prominence when he accused PM Lee of being a thief, an admission which he subsequently retracted and admitted that he had lied. He was then sacked by his employer because instead of working as he was paid to do, he spent his working hours updating his blog thus forcing his colleagues to take up his slack.

Roy Ngerng is also facing separate charges for public nuisance and organising a demonstration without approval arising from a Hong Lim Park march last September in which he heckled and verbally abused defenceless special needs children. He was roundly derided for being a sickening scum but he blamed the incident on the special needs children for being at the wrong place and at the wrong time

Since his sacking, Roy Ngerng earns his living by being a professional protestor, soliciting money from people who are in need of cheap alternative entertainment to fund his jet-setting lifestyle.

The $29,000 legal fees will be paid out of the $50,000 that was left of the $110,000 he has collected from donations meant to support his legal fight. It is not known what has happened to the other $60,000 which is unaccounted for. He is expected to solicit for more funds from his victims.

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