WTF of the day! – Inan Saligan


by Arthur Ah Ter Kia

If you are reading from your smartphone and cannot see what’s on the picture, let me write the words for you.

“The real trash are people like you. Not Pinoys. Just face the facts. You are all bunch of talentless, skill-less. Self-important jerks. Without Pinoys, Singapore is nothing and that’s a fact!”

But then again, even if you could not read the words, you could still smell them like how you could smell the biggest trash dump in the world, Smokey Mountain just outside of Manila. Like shit.

Inan Saligan. Dude, if you want to trash-talk about other people, make sure your house is in order first. The only talents you people have are in the service sector. You know; service. Servants. You are mere servants. As house maids, you serve your sirs and ma’ams and their little spoilt brats and their grumpy parents and wash their undies and take the dogs for walks. As technicians you serve the machines. As nurses you serve the patients and wipe their asses when they are done shitting. As prostitutes you serve pot-bellied drunkards. And your maids are so multi-talented that they serve their Indian or Bangla boyfriends on weekends.

Last we checked, there are about 90 million `talented’ Pinoys living in the Philippines. And yet, the Philippines is still nothing. Yes I am being rude. But so were you.

I am sure there are many nice Pinoys out there. Like my maid. She makes the best coffee.

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