NEA Re-discovers Their Other Duties. To take Action Against Rat-infested Restaurant


SINGAPORE: In another sign that it is going back to the basics, The National Environment Agency (NEA) has ordered Hotpot Culture, a restaurant located at Marina Square, to carry out “intensive pest control treatment” after a customer found a rat carcass in a buffet dish. Another two rats have been caught at the said restaurant, since it was ordered to suspend operations after a diner filed a complaint.

This comes in the wake of a rat infestation at Bukit Batok where close to a hundred pest controllers exterminated about 250 rats. This rat infestation was largely due to the NEA’s initial inaction to the problem despite complaints by residents and visitors to the area.

For many years, NEA had concentrated their efforts towards the more lucrative endeavour of ambushing and summoning smokers in public areas at the expense of their other non-profitable duties such as food hygiene and flood management.

A smoker, who did not want to be named, said that this new direction that the NEA has taken was long overdue. “It is good that they are focussing on the rats and not us smokers now. In the past, I used to see the NEA officers sitting at coffeeshops ready to pounce on smokers while rats and cockroaches were practically dancing at their feet.”

“Which is more dangerous? Smoking, or eating rat’s shit? At least with smoking you only have a fifty-fifty chance of getting cancer. But if you eat rat’s shit, you confirm die one!” he added.

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