PM Lee Interview With The Media In Point Form


For the fast-food generation. Here’s the extensive PM Lee interview in bullet form.

SINGAPORE: In a wide ranging interview with the media in which tsb was not invited, PM Lee spoke on the following points:

  • The education policy is on the right track.
  • The government made a mistake in not ramping up infrastructure projects such as housing and public transportation sooner. It has since made amends.
  • The population white paper should have been better communicated.
  • Singaporeans should have read the contents of the white paper instead of reacting based on their direct experiences.
  • The government will continue to calibrate their population policy.
  • He is social media savvy.
  • Singaporeans still want the PAP to govern but want alternative views too.
  • Whether PAP will win the next election will depend on whether the PAP MPs will work hard.
  • It is dangerous to assume that the government will always be in power.
  • His successor might already be in the cabinet. He may not be a stranger.
  • The narrative is no longer on nation-building. It is on Singapore being a special place to live in.
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