WTF Of The Day – Gerard Biard, Charlie Hebdo Chief Editor

gerard biard

You don’t need a caricature for dat face….

By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

The chief editor of Charlie Hebdo, Gerard Biard has defended the satirical magazine’s controversial depictions of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, saying the cartoons safeguard freedom of religion. WTF?

Dude. Maybe you are French so you have a weird sense of entitlement. Or maybe what you said was lost in translation. I’ve tried to use google translate but they do not have Shitland language.

I am not a Muslim. But I do have a lot of Muslim friends and in actual fact it is not difficult to find out as to why the Muslims are angry with your cartoons. You are an editor for fucks sake and checking on facts and background stories would be a piece of cake for you.

In Islam, there shall be no depiction of their Prophet Mohamad or of their God. Period. So if you actually believe in what you are saying and that is to safeguard freedom of religion, then you should allow the Muslims the freedom to practice their religion.

And another thing. Your depiction of Mohamad is insulting and offensive in the manner he was drawn. I have seen most of the caricatures. Let’s put it this way. Had you drawn your mom the way you had drawn Mohamad, she too would be insulted. In fact, had anyone drawn you the way you had drawn Mohamad, you too would have been insulted.

And please stop the bullshit about wanting to safeguard freedom of religion. Nobody had asked you to be the guardian of any religion. You of all people. The only reason was because you wanted to be controversial and sensational to boost your flagging sales.

I hope you are happy now. From 11,000 copies to 1.5 million copies in a week. I sure hope all the lives that was lost in the incident was worth it.

I hope you sleep well at night.

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