The Best Indian Rojak In Singapore – Habib’s Rojak


Ms. Fatty burps a little trivia…

By: Meena Current

I woke up yesterday at about noon (it was a Sunday bitch!) and I was gnawing on my pillow. I was that hungry.

So having not had Indian men (Freudian typo and it stays) for some months now, I had this urge for Indian rojak, and I just knew where to get the best Indian rojak in Singapore:

Habib’s Rojak

Address: #01-68, Ayer Rajah Food Centre, 503 West Coast Drive

Opens daily from 11am to 10pm. Closes on alternate Mondays.

I ordered the red sotong, the yellow sotong (yes I’ve got something for uncut sotongs), lung, a big prawn fritter, a small prawn fritter, a fish cake, a potato, a tauhu, an egg and some fried dough. They cost me $23/- and I would have gotten more but I was on a diet.

Let me tell you why it is the best Indian rojak in Singapore. Apart from the young handsome stall-owner which I presumed is called Habib (I didn’t ask for his name. I am not a cheap cougar), the food is fresh! And Habib will re-fry your order before serving. It may not be healthy but who cares. You don’t eat Indian Rojak to have a long life. You pray at a temple for that sort of things.

And the sauce. Oh my God in heaven that doesn’t exist! It is smooth and creamy with just enough spice to bite you in the tongue to give you the sensation that you are french-kissing Salman Khan after he had Indian curry. It is sweet but not too sweet. Just like Habib. And you could taste the main ingredient – sweet potatoes.

So here I am still feeling bloated but at least my desire for Indian men has subsided somewhat.

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