Uncle Goh Meng Seng Is Still Angry


The wandering salesman…..

By: B Goode

Goh Meng Seng blogs at singaporealternatives

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I have not visited everyone’s favourite Uncle’s blog for quite sometime. You know how it is about visiting that uncle who will blab and complain loudly and incessantly about politics. Every family has one.

After a few years of cooling-off period, you’d think that Uncle Goh would have mellowed down. Nope. He is still at it; still simmering with anger, unwilling to accept the fact that he has been marginalised by the political fraternity. The opposition do not want to have anything to do with him after getting kicked out by two parties for underperformance and after being a failed advisor to a Presidential candidate. And the PAP considers him as a political minnow. Perhaps even forgotten.

With nowhere to go, he decided to be a political pundit, seemingly taking the neutral ground of commenting on Singapore politics. In other words, he is neither here nor there. And without a platform, he becomes that noisy uncle hoping that someone somewhere will listen to him.

You see, if he was a political pundit as he claimed to be, you’d expect him to be neutral. You’d expect him to be fair in his commentary; giving criticism when needed and credit when it was due. But nope. Go and read his blog if you got the time. It is peppered with nothing but government thrashings and moving from one popular topic to another because he wants to be seen as relevant. The problem is, when you constantly harped on the same topic over and over again, you’d sound like a nag.

His latest favourite topic is the columbarium issue. Not surprising because ever an opportunist, he must have thought that the issue would give him a modicum of respect and acceptance by whoever his target audience was.

So he wrote an open letter to the Minister and the Prime Minister pretending to represent the present and future residents of the area. I actually have an Aunt who is staying in that area. I asked her whether she knew of anyone by the name of Goh Meng Seng and she replied: “who?”

I asked her whether anyone by the name of Goh Meng Seng had approached her to represent her in the issue and she replied: “who?” Not wanting to make her sound like an owl, I decided to stop my questioning and to come to the conclusion that Uncle Goh had allowed his ego to take over and started to imagine things.

You see. If you were really representing the present and future residents of the area, would you have sent an open letter to the Minister and Prime Minister? Or would you have sent an official letter instead?

And you go and read the so-called open letter of his and tell me what actually he wanted. It was so convoluted that you’d doubt the residents would have understood it let alone approved of it.

Why send an open letter if not for the purpose of trying to show that you are a somebody and to embarrass the government? Did he actually think that the government would engage him via an open letter? He must have and therein lies his weakness and perhaps the very reason why he is side-lined by the political fraternity; his delusion of grandeur.

So what’s next for him? He will definitely move on to another hot topic of the day. I’d predict he’d write something about the spat between Chan Chun Sing and Chee Soon Juan. If not, he’d revert back to his favourite topic; the PAP government is bad.

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