EXPOSED! – Gilbert Goh Admits To Swindling `Stupid’ Singaporeans Of Their Money!


By: B Goode

Gilbert Goh runs, an organisation supposedly formed to help the unemployed. He has held several protests in Hong Lim Park and now we know why.

The protests were not to champion whatever causes that he claimed to represent. But rather to enrich himself!

A contact of mine sent this nugget to me.

On 12 Dec 2014, he posted the following message on National Solidarity Party (NSP)’s FB page:

gg 001

Let me type the message more clearly:

`Gilbert Goh – What do I do for a living? I create protests so stupid Singaporeans can donate to my cause. For every protest I earn about $5,000 – 10,000 on average. The more I get Singaporeans angry the more money I made. I am a full time volunteer for myself. After every protest I will disappear to Australia and spend the money given to me for free. Keep up the good work Singaporeans. Make my pocket fatter and be stupid.’

Perhaps realising his mistake for being too honest, he promptly deleted the message. Here is the screen grab after his message was deleted.


And here is the screen grab of Gilbert Goh’s facebook page just in case he changes his profile and claims that it was a fake account.


So there you have it. The real Gilbert Goh exposed! You decide what kind of a man he is. A hero? A champion of the downtrodden?

Or a scum who cheats the hard-earned money of the very people whom he claims he wants to help.

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1 Response to EXPOSED! – Gilbert Goh Admits To Swindling `Stupid’ Singaporeans Of Their Money!

  1. dannytrump8 says:

    Totally agree. Dishonest person. I have already known about it long time ago

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