Alcohol, Love And Blurry Eyes – Confession Of A Woman


Drunk or not, that’s definitely NOT her….

By: Meena Current

That is how I looked like in the eyes of drunken men. Don’t ask me how I might look like in their eyes when they were sober. Usually they didn’t stay long enough for me to ask.

And that is the reason why I don’t look forward to the new restriction in alcohol consumption and why I think it is so unfair to free and easy ladies like me. For the record. I may be free but I ain’t cheap!

Some nights when I was h…ungry for some hotdogs, I’d sashay like a beauty queen in my butterfly night gown down to the nearby 7-Eleven. I’d have to walk for about 10 minutes under a few blocks of flats and would have to pass by 2 coffee-shops. Sometimes when I was feeling extra sexy, I’d take a longer detour to get to the other coffee-shop down the road where the customers were more boisterous and friendly.

In most of those nights, I’d come across some men, all blurry-eyed, faces flushed with alcohol sitting around the stone table near to one of those coffee-shops. And they’d give me the look, you know the kind of look that would make a woman feel desired. After a few years of going through the same routine of hungering for hotdogs, and walking that same path I came to know a few of them.

And I’d come over and say hello and we’d talk and laugh and yes, flirt. All in the name of good fun. And one thing for sure, they’d say how beautiful I was, sexy and all that sweet nothings that only drunken men could utter.

When sober men said nice things about you, they lacked that sense of daring. They might be telling the truth, but sweet lies from a drunken man turned me on.

So I don’t know what I am going to do when the restriction becomes law. I can enjoy their company in the coffee-shop but I am afraid I may end up enjoying the char kuay teow more than I will the lustful sweet nothings.

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