For Wanting To Have Sex With The PAP; Youth Gets 15 Months’ Probation

David-Graaskov Fuck The PAP

Do you lift bro?

SINGAPORE: One of the five youths involved in a rooftop graffiti case in Toa Payoh in May last year was sentenced to 15 months’ supervised probation on Monday (Jan 26).

David William Graaskov, 18, also needs to remain indoors from 10pm to 6am daily, and perform 80 hours of community service as part of his sentence. His parents will be bonded S$5,000 each to ensure his good behaviour.

Last December, Graaskov pleaded guilty to three of the six charges he was facing, including theft and criminal trespass.

He admitted to stealing four cans of spray paint from a lorry on May 6 along with four others – Goh Rong Liang, Boaz Koh Wen Jie, Reagan Tan Chang Zhi and Chay Nam Shen. His four accomplices allegedly used the cans to spray profanities against the People’s Action Party and the police along the rooftop of Block 85A at Toa Payoh Lorong 4.

A lawyer we spoke to said that the reason why David escaped caning was because the prosecutor did not proceed with a vandalism charge which would have carried mandatory caning.

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