Recipe: Buttered Chilli Rats With Peanut


Taste like chicken….

By: Meena Current

With the rats epidemic that is currently plaguing Singapore, the latest being at Marina Square and Teck Ghee, I thought I contribute something to help eradicate the menace. What better way than to incorporate Singapore’s favourite past time; eating.

So here I have concocted a delicious recipe. Please try it and help to rid our country of the pests since NEA is apparently too busy catching smokers.


Fresh rats

Fresh herbs

Cooking oil

Chilli peppers




Blow the rat skin with a blowtorch.

Leave rats to cool down.

When they are cool enough, clean the rest of the skin with a steel wool.

Eviscerate the rats and split them.

Put all the good rat parts in a jar, with the fresh peppers, herbs and oil.

Leave this for half an hour in the fridge.

Deep-fry until brown in a mixture of butter and peanut oil.

Serve hot with some crunchy peanuts.


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