Is Singapore Still Safe? Crime Rate in Singapore up 7.4% last year


Can we still jog at 3am….?

Posted by Brandon on 29 Jan 2015

SINGAPORE: The overall crime rate increased by 7.4 per cent last year, driven mainly by a spike in the number of scams involving e-commerce, the Singapore Police Force said on Thursday (Jan 29).

What is more worrying is the increase in crimes against persons such as rape and robbery. The number of statutory rape cases rose by 15, while outrage of modesty cases increased by 42 cases to 1,367 last year from 1,325 the year before. For violent crimes, there was an increase of 28.7%.

A criminologist whom we spoke to said that internet crimes were not so worrying because most often than not they won’t involve physical injuries.

“However, for violent crimes such as rape and robbery, it would mean that there would be injuries to the victims thus making the crimes having a more direct impact on the perception whether Singapore is a safe country or not.”

John Goh, 34 an executive in an MNC when interviewed said: “the Police are getting soft. They need to revert back to their zero-tolerance policy and stop trying to be Mr Popular.”

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