Joel Lazarus Admits That He Is A Marxist And Roy Ngerng Is Aware Of It


So what’s next…..?

By: B Goode

Following my article entitled “Is Roy Ngerng A Radical Leftist? His Interview With Joel Lazarus”, I got a comment from a very unexpected person. Joel Lazarus himself. You can read his comments at the end of that article. You might also want to read his blog at

There are three pertinent points in his comments. One, that he is a Marxist. Two, that Roy Ngerng may have known that he is a Marxist. And three, he asked us to read more on Marxism.

I want to dwell on the third point and discuss a little bit about Marxism. You can read more about Marxism if you want but I have to warn you that it is a very dry subject. Some say that it makes a very good substitute for sleeping pills.

First and foremost I have to agree that Karl Marx was a great thinker and philosopher. Whether I agree with his thesis and theory is another matter.

Contrary to popular belief, Marxism is not only about politics or economics. It encapsulates practically everything that governs human society; religion, education, law and I am sure if I delved deep enough, there would be something about sex as well. In fact, if you took any subject in the Arts and Social Science faculty, you would have come across Marxist theory in all of them.

Marxism is based on the precept that capitalism is bad because it is a system that tends to favour the bourgeoisie, I.e the capital owners, the haves, the elites over the proletariats; the have-nots, the workers, and the proletariats are perpetually subjugated by the bourgeoisie. And this subjugation is done via the system itself, meaning everything that governs the society; religion, education, polity, economy, law et cetera are crafted to such an extent as to perpetuate this subjugation.

And this systematic subjugation is so entrenched in the society that the only way to change it is via a revolution.

So what is wrong about Marxism? The problem with Marxism is in its implementation, or rather the interpretation on how Marxism should be implemented.

Allow me to digress and talk a little bit about Islam. What is wrong about Islam? There is nothing wrong about the religion per se. But then you have groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda and individual fanatics who interpret the religion in a different way and made it to be the violent and merciless entity that it seems to be today. To be fair, all religion has that sort of elements. Every single one of them.

Marxism too suffers from the same `interpretive’ conundrum. How do you change a society that is so entrenched in capitalistic mechanisation? What is the revolution that Karl Marx talked about? Peaceful or violent?

For every Marxist political party and society that calls for a peaceful revolution, you’d have Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tze Dong, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chin Ming, Pol Pot  and the like who believed in the violent overthrow of the existing social order, and the cleansing of the society. Sort of like wiping the slate clean. And so you have things like the cultural revolution, the killing fields, the gulags and other atrocities committed in the name of revolution.

And even today, you have armed Marxist groups operating from the jungles of India, Nepal, Philippines, Peru, Bolivia and many other countries.

And so now I would like to ask a question.

Which Marxist interpretation would Roy Ngerng be subscribing to?

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1 Response to Joel Lazarus Admits That He Is A Marxist And Roy Ngerng Is Aware Of It

  1. Pat Chue says:

    Roy Ngerng is, probably, still trying to figure out what is left. Like most political martyrs-to-be crucifixation seems to be a very good fix. The ’cause’ to die for – is not important. The Passion is all that matters.

    It shouldnt take too long before maturity and reality kicks in. He’ll mellow just as all those before him had somewhat embarrasingly done.

    Meanwhile, Roy is still rallying the crowds. The constituent of Bukit Batok beckons. Dr Chee (SDP) may even contemplate stepping aside and not contest the by-election so that it will be a straight fight between Roy’s Party and PAP. Roy’s party is the only party that makes the PAP shudder in fear. The only party ever to repeatedly defeat even incumbent PAP MPs. And Roy’s party? It called “The Third Party”!

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