Khaw Boon Wan 1 : 0 Lui Tuck Yew – Sengkang Temple Site Not Meant For Commercial Columbarium.

Khaw Lui Tuck Yew

One is willing to change. The other wants to sustain….

SINGAPORE: In a rare government policy turnaround, Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for National Development said that his ministry is in discussion with Eternal Pure Land to ensure that the land is restored to the original plan of a Chinese temple. He was responding to questions in Parliament.

“We now understand that the winning tenderer for this site, Eternal Pure Land, is actually a private company without any religious affiliation. From what we know, the plan of the company is to run a commercial columbarium on the site,” the minister said. “This is not in line with our plan for the Places of Worship site.”

Previously, property owners in Sengkang were up in arms over plans to build a Buddhist temple with columbarium services near their new homes, despite measures to mitigate possible inconveniences for residents being put in place.

The Housing and Development Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority indicated that plans for a columbarium at a Chinese temple planned in Sengkang can go ahead, despite objections from residents.

However, it appears that the government has now relented and admitted to their mistakes and will make amend.

Political analysts we spoke to said that this is the difference Khaw Boon Wan and Lui Tuck Yew, the Minister for Transport who had earlier announce an increase in bus and train fares despite the fall in oil prices.

“Khaw showed that he is a politician who is willing to change his policy and does not make any excuses.”

“Lui Tuck Yew on the other hand, is a typical technocrat without any political sophistication. And now you know why Khaw is well liked while Lui is arguably the most hated Minister.”

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