Sun Ho’s Success Was Faked: Ex-CHC Official

horse sun-ho-

She’s the one on the right…

Sun Ho, the singing lady pastor from City Harvest Church who dreamed of being a star and breaking into the highly competitive American music market by portraying a slutty image, was accused of faking her success.

Former City Harvest Church (CHC) fund manager Chew Eng Han testified in court that up to 70 per cent of her Mandarin album CDs had been bought by Xtron Productions, her artiste management firm that was linked to the church. This was to give Ms Ho the appearance of a successful track record.

Chew also said that Ms Ho’s personal assistant, Mr Mark Kwan, had sent an e-mail expressing his concern that she had just 1,000 genuine fans outside the church.

“I look at the evidence, the more I realised the success was not real. It was manipulated, in some cases falsified,” he said.

Chew, 54, is the fourth accused to take the stand in the trial involving the six CHC leaders, including CHC founder and Ms Ho’s husband, Kong Hee, who are accused of using church money to further Ms Ho’s music career.

“It just goes to show that being a slut is not enough to capture the attention of music lovers,” said Flouer Tan, 23 a wedding singer.

“You need to have talent too.”

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