Three Tonnes (!) Of Cats Destined For The Dinner Tables Seized In Vietnam

smuggled cats

Pussy Galore would not have approved….

HANOI: Thousands of live cats destined “for consumption” have been seized in Hanoi after being smuggled from China. Cat meat, known locally as “little tiger”, is an increasingly popular delicacy in Vietnam, and although officially banned is widely available in specialist restaurants.

Vietnam has long banned the consumption of cat meat in an effort to encourage their ownership and keep the country’s rat population under control. But there are still dozens of restaurants serving cat in Hanoi and it is rare to see felines roaming the streets – most pet-owners keep them indoors or tied up in fear of thieves.

Such is the demand from restaurants that cats are sometimes smuggled across the border from China, Thailand and Laos. Cat meat is not widely eaten in China but can be found at some restaurants, particularly in the south, where it is sometimes considered a specialty.

“I’ve never liked cats. I prefer dogs,” said Joyhti, 54 as she was walking her Pomeranian along the Park Connector.

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