Youths Admit To Vandalism; Backsides Await Fate

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SINGAPORE: Three youths have admitted to vandalising the rooftop of a block of flats in Toa Payoh in May 2014.

Reagan Tan Chang Zhi, Chay Nam Shen and Boaz Koh Wen Jie – all 18 years old – pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday (Jan 28) to five charges each, including that of vandalism, trespass and theft. On Monday, one of their accomplices, 18-year-old David William Graaskov was sentenced to 15 months’ supervised probation.

The court heard that on the night of May 6, 2014, the trio had met up near Block 85A with Graaskov and another accomplice – 18-year-old Goh Rong Liang.

Around 11.45pm, they spotted some cans of spray paint on a lorry in a nearby carpark, and stole four cans. The group then agreed to vandalise the rooftop of Block 85A. However, Graaskov realised that it was getting late and left so he could catch the bus home. The other four proceeded to the rooftop.

While the roof access door was locked and secured, they saw that there was a gap a few metres up that they could climb through. They used the staircase railing to give themselves a boost to a ledge above and pulled themselves through the gap to the rooftop.

The four then waited around 10 minutes for the lights in one of the units in the opposite block of flats to go off, and at about 12.30am, started spraying the walls with indelible spray paint. They wrote profanities against the ruling party and police.

The cost incurred for re-painting the vandalised walls was S$128.84. Even before this, the four had trespassed on the rooftop twice and Graavskov had been there once.

Further investigation revealed that the five youths had trespassed into the Marina Bay Suites condominium on Mar 29, 2014.

On a separate occasion, four of them, without Goh, also trespassed into a construction site at 17 Jalan Rajah between October and December 2013. They climbed over the gate of the site and onto a crane, staying there for about two hours.

Koh will be sentenced on Feb 18 while Tan and Chay will be sentenced on Mar 2. Goh’s case has been adjourned to Feb 9.

Vandalism carries mandatory caning.

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