Gilbert Goh’s Money-Making Scam Losing Steam; Only 50 Retirees Attended His Fake Protest At Hong Lim Park On 31 Jan 2015


Wah! So many people………?

SINGAPORE: The con artist, Gilbert Goh staged a mock protest on 31 Jan 2015 at Hong Lim Park against the population white paper. Only about 50 people, mostly retirees attended the event which was held under a clear blue sky.

In a further sign that his scam might have been found out, 5 out of the 10 speakers invited to the event did not turn up. Even the Singaporeans First Party withdrew at the last minute.

The five persons who spoke included a 74 year old auntie who urged Singaporeans to remember the struggle of PAP stalwarts such as Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee and E W Barker in building the nation. She also complained about rats and cockroaches.

There was a touching moment when a single mother of two told her sad story of her marital troubles that led to her husband dumping her. She nagged that all ex-husbands should top-up their ex-wives CPF account as a form of punishment for their infidelity. Failing which, she suggested that taxpayers should give single mothers $300,000 cash for each child that they had given birth to. The crowd went silent.

Another speaker was a young tour agent who complained about the existence of foreigners; the same foreigners that he as a tour agent, helped to bring in.

Also speaking was a wash-out politician who has the habit of appearing like clockwork once every five years when elections were around the corner. He spoke about dictatorship, ministerial pay and all the dead horses that needed to be flogged. Again.

Finally, a Human Resource manager spoke about foreign talents from his own experience; the same foreign talents that he as a HR manager must have approved to be employed at his company.

Gilbert Goh himself spoke about his hardship living in a foreign country and having to return to Singapore to oversee his volunteer work. He was dismayed that only 50 people attended the event before reminding them that there were two donation boxes for them to put their money in.

Gilbert Goh has been exposed to be swindler. You can read the expose here.

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