So That’s It Then; From April Singapore Will Be More Sterile Than Ever, Including Pulau Ubin


Smells like teen spirit….

SINGAPORE: Acting to rid Singapore of the unpleasant sight of drunkards from the streets and to maintain Singapore’s image of a clean, orderly and disciplined society, Parliament on Friday (Jan 30) passed the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill. Under the new rules, alcohol cannot be consumed in public places between 10.30pm and 7am every day and take-away alcohol can only be sold up till 10.30pm.

In a move which would surely appease night-club owners, alcohol could only be purchased and consumed in licensed premises.

Presently, due to the steep prices of alcohols in night-clubs, patrons would buy cheaper beers and spirits from retail outlets and get themselves smashed before entering the night-clubs.

The new bill has drawn some fierce criticisms from the public due to its overarching nature.

“I stay in Pulau Ubin,” said Jay Tee, 76 who wanted to be known as JT.

“So now I cannot drink at the beach which is just in front of my house issit?”

The government has since said that the Police will calibrate their response accordingly which means that it would be alright for JT to drink beer at the beach in front of his house as long as he could prove that the house belonged to him.

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