WTF Of The Day – Roy Ngerng’s Idea Of Transparency


Transparent enough for you….?

By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

That Ah Girl is at it again. The more I read about him, the more it reminded me of a tiffany show in Bangkok. Over-the-top campiness with fakery all over.

This time he posted some receipts for payments to his lawyer M Ravi, and with arms akimbo screamed; “I have shown you mine. Now show me yours!!”

Ah Girl ah…That was not what we wanted to see. In fact, there is nothing to see.

It reminded me when I was a kid and my mom gave me $10 for dinner. I called two of my friends and we all went to Macdonald’s where I bought for us a meal for each of us.

When my mom got back later in the evening, I asked her whether she had bought any dinner home ‘cos I was hungry. She asked me what happened to the $10? I was honest and transparent and told her what happened. She gave me a good twist of my ear which in today’s context would have gotten her at least a reprimand by a judge.

Ah Girl ahhh…

Let Kor Kor tell you what transparent means ok?

For your case, and considering the fact that it is not your money, being transparent means:

  • Why did you agree to pay M Ravi $70,000?
  • When did you agree to pay M Ravi $70,000? Was the agreement before or after you have decided to choose him to represent you?
  • What are the cost breakdowns? And,
  • Did you try to get a cheaper lawyer?

And one more thing.

When you showed your $70,000 legal receipt and expected the government to show you their multi-billion dollars investment portfolio, it was like asking a black man to show you his dick so that you could compare his to yours. Seriously Ah Girl? Who do you think you are? You ok or not?

Come to think of it, that tiffany show was more entertaining for the simple fact that there was variety.

While Roy Ngerng is just a one trick pony.

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