MH370: You Can Stop Hoping Now; Your Loved Ones Are All Dead – Malaysian Government



BEIJING: Traumatised relatives of those aboard missing flight MH370 blasted the Malaysian government for declaring the passengers and crew dead without evidence of the plane’s fate, and rejected compensation offers.

Malaysian authorities had said they were now classifying the unexplained disappearance of the plane as an “accident” under global aviation conventions and said for the first time that all 239 on board were presumed dead.

But relatives in both Malaysia and China – two-thirds of the passengers were Chinese nationals – rejected that declaration.

“We call on Malaysia to withdraw their statement. It lacks a basis in evidence,” said Jiang Hui, whose mother was on the plane, calling on authorities to apologise.

“We don’t want money. We want the truth about what happened,” said Hu Xiufang, whose only child, daughter-in-law and grandson were on the plane.

Meanwhile compensation will be paid to next-of-kin of MH370 victims about three weeks after the documentation process and paper work have been completed, said MH370/MH17 crisis director Fuad Sharuji.

“We are ready to pay compensation but the next-of-kin (NOK) must show proof of their relationship, such as birth and marriage certificates, and these must be verified by a commissioner of oath. After the documents have been verified, payment can be made direct into their accounts in less than three weeks. Our lawyers will call and help the NOK with the documentation,” he said.

Fuad said the compensation to be paid was more than what has been set by the Montreal Convention 1999 but he did not disclose the amount. “Our compensation is more than the minimum scheme (Montreal Convention). We are giving a certain amount (compensation).

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