No Thanks! We Don’t Want Your Herpes! – Singaporeans Shun Kissing Booth

herpes simplex virus 1 on lips


SINGAPORE: What was claimed to be the first kissing booth in Singapore was set up at Chevron House at Raffles Place. (F)orté – a group made up of models, DJs and bloggers – were on hand to dish out free pecks. The event was meant to drum up hype for a singles party on Valentine’s Day at nightlife spot Fashion TV Club.

Organisers had said in a news release that they expected a crowd of 10,000 hard-up people. However only about 20 members of the public stepping up to the plate, during the “kissing window” from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

“Ewwww! I don’t know where their lips have gone to,” said Serena Tham, 20 a make-up artist.

“You know lah all these people from the art scene.”

“They will kiss anything that moves,” she added.

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