Singaporeans Demand Castration For Chan Chun Hong The Paedophile

Chan Chun Hong


SINGAPORE – Paedophile Chan Chun Hong, 31 pleaded guilty on Friday to seven counts of transmitting obscene materials by electronic means, one count of making travel plans, three counts of distributing information to promote commercial sex, and one of having obscene films.

Another 133 charges, mostly for transmitting obscene materials, will be considered when he is sentenced.

Information received suggested he had engaged in child sex tourism in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Investigations showed that he saved his collections of child pornography in his portable hard disk and transmitted it to other users in exchange for new material between Dec 2, 2011 and Sept 6, 2012.

The obscene photographs and videos included naked or half-naked young girls in various sexual acts and poses. Some appeared to be as young as two.

The prosecution is seeking a jail sentence of at least six years for Chan.  The maximum penalty for taking a tour outside Singapore for commercial sex with a minor is 10 years’ jail and a fine on each charge.

Singaporeans have shown their disgust towards this paedophile with many saying that 6 years imprisonment would have been too lenient. Some are asking for him to be castrated.

“Singapore needs to re-calibrate its laws regarding paedophiles,” said Annie Tan 45, a mother of 5.

“Unlike other countries, paedophiles here seemed to be getting just a slap on the wrists,” she added.

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