Crowdfunding raised More Than US$20,000 (and growing) For Cheated Uncle



SINGAPORE: A crowdsourcing initiative to raise funds for a senior citizen who was cheated of his life-savings has thus far generated more than US$20,000.

Mr Tan Soy Kiang, 70, had been paying off a debt he was told he owed. Mr Tan, who is single and used to live alone, has been the victim of a malicious scam.

Two Singaporean women allegedly got him to hand over all the money he earned for a debt they claim he owes the Government. There was no debt.

It is believed Mr Tan, whom his niece describes as being simple-minded, was conned into giving more than $400,000 of his hard-earned money.

The women, aged 65 and 69, allegedly told Mr Tan he owed money to the government and that he has to settle the debt through them

The women have been arrested and are now assisting Police in their investigations.

“So heartless,” said Jenny Teo, F/65

“I hope those two women get cancer.”

You can donate to Mr Tan Soy Kiang here.

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