Heartless Mahjong Queen Admits To Cheating Low-IQ Uncle Of Life Savings

boosokhiang Tanhewwngoh

Future cancer patients……hopefully

SINGAPORE – Mahjong Queen and con-artist, Tan Hwee Ngo, 65, who was arrested for allegedly cheating a 70-year-old man, Tan Soy Kiang of his life savings, has admitted to swindling him to settle her gambling debts.

But the dishwasher, who is now out on police bail, claimed that she took $30,000 from him, not $400,000 as Mr Tan Soy Kiang has claimed. She came up with a scheme to cheat Mr Tan because she needed to settle mahjong debts that amounted to more than $10,000.

Meanwhile the other culprit, Boo Sok Hiang, 69 claimed that she too was a victim. Boo, who would collect the money and pass it to Madam Tan, claimed that the latter had cheated her of $40,000. She is assisting the police in their investigations. She has been friends with Mr Tan for more than 50 years, and introduced him to Madam Tan.

Singaporeans have since donated more than US$22,000 to Tan Soy Kiang through crowdfunding.

Other Singaporeans have cursed and swore at the two aunties in all languages and dialects with some hoping to see them die of cancer.

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