Right Hand Pays Left Hand And Head Acts Blur – AHPETC Saga In Simple Term



By: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

AHPETC saga centred on one main thing; the conflict of interest between the town council and the managing agent employed by the town council to manage the estate.

In simple terms it works like this:

The GM, the Deputy GM and the secretary of the town council are also the sole proprietor, directors and shareholders of the managing agent.

For the sake of discussion, assuming there is a job to prune a tree.

The same persons would:

  • Issue a sales order to prune a tree
  • Accept the order to prune the tree
  • Prune the tree
  • Check that the tree is being pruned
  • Certify that the tree has been pruned to satisfaction
  • Issue an invoice
  • Confirm the invoice
  • Approve the payment
  • Issue a cheque
  • Collect the money

Best part is, these same persons are the big boss’ kaki nang.

Wah lao piang eh!

Hand like octopus. Head like sotong.

Like that oso can?!

I oso want!

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