Singapore Shaken By Loud Groans Coming From Dormitories Across The Island When Jokowi said: NO MORE INDON MAIDS FOR YOU!!

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Pride and dignity – Jokowi

JAKARTA: Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Indonesia will stop sending its women to work as maids overseas to preserve the country’s dignity – and is working on a target to enforce this.

“I have given Manpower Minister a target to come up with a clear roadmap on when we can stop sending female domestic workers. We should have pride and dignity,” he said in a speech at the Hanura party’s national congress in Solo, Central Java, late on Friday night.

Singapore employs a very large number of maids mainly from Indonesia and Philippines with a small number from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India.

Tan Ah Bok, 56, a budget hotel operator in Geylang said: “My business will drop by 75%. My customers are mostly foreign workers and maids. Singaporeans don’t do it in hotels anymore because they prefer doing it in the MRT.”

Lucky Singh, 24, a foreign worker from India said: “No problem la. I got many spare girlfriends from the Philippines.”

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