If Only All Terrorists Were Like These; Malaysian Terror Wannabes Want To Blow Up Courts With…Errr…Firecrackers


Ketom power…..!

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian police say they are aware of and will take action against a YouTube video featuring a group of masked men threatening to “blow up” Malaysian courts with firecrackers.

The video is allegedly in protest over what the men claim is the “ruined state of democracy” in the nation.

Entitled “A warning to blow up Malaysian courts”, the video was uploaded on Sunday (Feb 15) by the user “Isis Malaysia 69”. It is unclear if the group has any connection to the rebel group Islamic State.

In the video, the masked men said they no longer believe in Malaysia’s democratic system and will blast firecrackers outside an unspecified court in a symbolic protest on Wednesday night (Feb 18). February 18 is Chinese New Year’s Eve and firecrackers are typically set off during this period.

According to the group, this would be the first of more protest actions to come if the state of democracy in Malaysia continues to deteriorate.

Throughout the video, the men held up a photo of Malaysian actress Nora Danish. She said that she plans to lodge a police report over the use of her image.

“That’s the effect of drinking too much `ayer daun ketom’,” said Ahmad Babu, 48, a technician.

“And Nora Danish is so sexy that even terrorists want to screw her,” he added.

*ayer daun ketom – a hallucinogenic concoction made from boiling `ketom’ leaves commonly found in the jungle.

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