I Am Not A Paedophile – Says A Paedophile

Chan Chun Hong

Remember the name, Chan Chun Hong….

SINGAPORE: Convicted paedophile Chan Chun Hong’s defence counsel presented his mitigation to the court on Monday, Feb 16.

In his submissions for sentencing, Chan’s lawyer, Mr Rajan Nair, said Chan would not have committed the offences if he had not been entrapped by an undercover police officer, and that while he had planned for the duo to go on a commercial sex tour to Cambodia, nothing more was done beyond purchasing the tickets.

Chan, 31, had on Feb 6 pleaded guilty to 12 child pornography and child sex-related charges.

In response, Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang said Chan’s offences needed the necessary subterfuge to uncover. “The police did not entice an otherwise innocent man with no criminal tendencies to commit a serious crime with excessive and ever increasing amounts of money,” DPP Yang said, adding that Chan was no stranger to illicit child sex tours.

“What (Chan) has forgotten is the many young and vulnerable children found in the child pornography he was distributing, and how they were harmed in the making of the material,” he added.

Chan is to be sentenced on March 23.

“There is a special place for scumbags like him in Changi prison,” said Ali Thamby, 35, a former convict.

“It is called `the last cubicle’”, he added.

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