Two Editors Of Hate Site, The Real Singapore Arrested For Sedition. Oh Joy!!


F*** freedom of expression….!

By: B Goode

And this is why we are no: 153 In Global Press Freedom Index. But Who Cares! As long as I could invite my non-Christian friends to come over to my house during Christmas and I could go to their houses to celebrate their festivities, I am thankful for the small little things.

I have always been suspicious of the hidden agenda of sites such as TRS, and of individuals such as Gilbert Goh, Alex Tan, Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and the ilk spewing nonsense bordering on the subversive and seditious.

It is one thing to be anti-government, but it is a different matter altogether to stoke hatred by stitching together lies and deceit. And time and time again, other sites and bloggers who are not altogether pro-government have exposed their fabrications.

But they still continue because they love the attention and most importantly they love the money that comes with it. Let’s be honest. People would throw money at a dancing bear and they would certainly throw money at village idiots for some entertainment.

For those who say that the arrests signify a crackdown on freedom of expression, I say screw freedom of expression if people do not know what that means and if they abused it at the expense of the peace that we enjoy.

After 9-11, President Bush gave a middle finger to freedom and privacy for the sake of security. Do we need to wait for another racial riot to happen before we do the same? We do not have the luxury and the endowment that a large country with vast resources such as the US has. And for that reason we should not be too concerned about liberal ideologies. Unfettered freedom of expression does not guarantee food on our table. All it does is to provide a footnote on a resume. Nice to have but it means nothing.

And it is really not surprising that one of those arrested is an Australian. And I would bet to my last dollar that most of the commenters of that website are not locals either. Because I for one could not imagine that the type of vitriol being spewed are by Singaporeans. Because those are not anti-government tantrums. But they are anti-Singapore rhetoric that could only be voiced out by either foreigners or ex-Singaporeans who are now living overseas. Or, God forbid, by Singaporeans under foreign influence.

What is surprising is that the Police have taken such a long time to take action. As this website has insinuated in our articles, the Police must be more proactive in ensuring that no one goes overboard and cross the red-line as far as law and order are concerned, and especially when it involves racial and religious sensitivities. It is one thing to allow other agencies to take the lead, but it is another thing to totally surrender your responsibility to the detriment of the country’s image and security.

I would like to go one step further and ask the authorities to close the website altogether. It has become nothing but a pit of vile and putrid hatefest that attracts trolls who are oblivious to the consequences of their bile to the nation’s wellbeing.

And the fact that the administrators do nothing to filter out the seditious and malicious comments when they have the ability to, just prove to show that not only do they condone such things, but in fact, egg them on. They feed the trolls and in return, the trolls enrich them.

I would like to take my hat off to the Police especially to the new Commissioner, Hoong Wee Teck for giving the finger to inconsequential global indices. Rest assured that the majority of Singaporeans are behind you.


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