WTF Of The Day: The Admins Of The Real Singapore


Japanese talking rubbish….

BY: Arthur Ah Ter Kia

What do you call a foreigner who hates other foreigners? Or a foreign import who hates other foreign imports? Or a local whose lover is a foreigner who hates other foreigners?

Xeno-xenophobic? Self-loathing lowlifers? Hypocrites?

I don’t know la. My England is no velly good but I know of a word in Hokkien to describe them all. CCB.

And what do you call CCBs who manage a website to run the country down and its people and stir shit with lies and fabrications for the sake of money? The admins of The Real Singapore.

And please don’t ask me about the fans of the website because then I would have to use another Hokkien word.


The website is owned by Ai Takagi, 22, a former Japanese national now holding Australian citizenship. She is a law student at the University of Brisbane.

Her father is Yoshiguki Takagi president of cosmos initia, a Japanese real estate company.


Another of TRS admin is Robin Yang Kai Heng, 26, a Singaporean who studies environmental science at the same university. He and Miss Takagi are a couple and they have been staying at his family home in Canberra Road during a break from their studies.

Robin Yang is a wannabe erotic writer. The problem is, the subject of his erotic fantasy is his 13 year old cousin.


The third member of the trifecta of deceit is a Malaysian holding a Singaporean PR known as Melanie Tan. Tan is reportedly in her twenties and studies in the same university. Her father is an employee of SBS Transit.

As Ms Tan is in Australia, she has not been arrested.

And so there you have it. The faces of The Real Singapore.

Oh and another thing.

What do you call Asians who stay in Australia and who hate white people? Potential victims.

You can read more about them at

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