Be Careful When You Are In Turkey – ISIS Militants Are Plotting To Attack Ankara and Istanbul


Not this turkey….turkey

ISTANBUL: Islamic State militants have entered Turkey and are plotting to attack diplomatic missions in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkish media on Thursday (Feb 19) quoted the national intelligence agency (MIT) as saying.

Around 3,000 militants from the ultra-radical group in Syria and Iraq are looking to enter Turkey through its southern border after failing to take the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, the Hurriyet newspaper reported the internal MIT note as saying.

Some militants, including senior commanders who are planning the attacks, are thought to have already entered Turkey and are in safe houses, the note said, without saying how many entered.

“Militants expert in suicide and bomb attacks are preparing … attacks on the Istanbul and Ankara missions of coalition forces which intervened in Syria,” it said.

Turkey has in the past drawn criticism from Western allies for failing to stop the flow of militants across its border to join the Sunni insurgents in Syria. Some critics said it even aided the militants, an accusation that Ankara denies.

“The best is not to go to Istanbul at all,” said Pascalina Liew, F/25, a fashion model.

“I don’t know why people must go to Istanbul to see Turkey.”

“Singapore zoo got turkey right?” she asked.

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