Yay To Sop Kambing, Nasi Lemak And Kopi-O – Says New US Federal Dietary Guidelines


Die die must eat….

Go ahead and eat that sop kambing. Or tahu telor.

Nutrition and public health experts advising the US federal government recommended Thursday that cholesterol no longer be labeled a “nutrient of concern” — a designation that for decades has prompted health-conscious Americans to avoid eggs and other foods that are high in the fat-like substance.

For the first time, the advisory panel also gave Americans a thumbs-up on moderate coffee consumption. The committee said that daily caffeine intake equivalent to three to five cups of coffee is not only safe, but appears to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in adults. Caffeine may even protect against Parkinson’s disease, the evidence suggests.

The advisory panel of experts from universities and nutrition organizations across the nation cited mounting research that consumption of cholesterol-rich foods has little bearing on overall levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. In doing so, it echoes 2013 advice from the American Heart Assn. and the American College of Cardiology that physicians stop steering patients away from cholesterol-rich eggs and shellfish.

Cholesterol from the diet represents only about 20% of the cholesterol circulating in the human bloodstream, so lowering cholesterol intake affects blood cholesterol levels only marginally. While other lifestyle changes — getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight — can help reduce worrisome cholesterol, medication has become a mainstay of treatment. These drugs bind to and remove excess circulating cholesterol or alter the liver’s overproduction of the waxy substance, which may build up and clog arteries and raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

In recommending a reversal on cholesterol intake, the advisory panel has “moved gently in the right direction,” said Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen. Like much dietary advice given to Americans, strict limits on dietary cholesterol “were never supported by science,” he said.

“Aiyah all this rubbish advice everytime changed one,” said Tan Ah Hyah, F/74 a retired nurse.

“My food philosophy is very easy.”

“If it looks good, then it is good to eat,” she added.

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